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Bangladesh Student Association of South Dakota State University encourages you to get the best education of South Dakota State University. It makes you very confident about your career. The purpose of our association to know the United States people about our heritage and culture. Bangladesh Student Association of South Dakota State University established on May, 2013.  The new students who are from Bangladesh, don't know the environment of Brookings, South Dakota, Our association will help them to cope up with their new environment. We are always with you.
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The history of Bangladesh has been one of extremes, of havoc and peace, prosperity and privation. It has thrived under the ruddiness of cultural splendor and suffered under the pillages of war. The earliest remark of Bangladesh is generally found in the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata (the story of Great Battle-9th century B.C). Evidence also suggests that there was a strong Mongoloid presence as well. Soon after, in the 5th and 6th centuries B.C. came the Aryans from Central Asia and the Dravidian from Occident India. Then came the Gupta, Palas, Senas, who were Buddhist and Hindus. From the 13th century A.D. the exodus of Muslim intruders and the tide of Islam plunged the Buddhist and Hindus untold 8th century. Sometimes there were independent rulers like the Hussain Shahi and Ilyas Shahi monarchs while at other times they reigned on behalf of the imperial throne of Delhi. From 15th century the Europeans, namely; Portuguese, Dutch, French and British traders exerted an economic influence over the region. British political rule over the region began in 1757 A.D. when the last Muslim ruler of Ben. gal was defeated at Palassey. In 1947 the country was partitioned into India and Pakistan. Present Bangladesh becomes the Eastern Wing of the then Pakistan. But the movement for autonomy for East Pakistan started within a couple of years because of language and cultural difference and economic discrimination between the two partitions . The seeds of independence were strewed through the Language Movement of 1952 to recognize Bengali as a state language. Ultimately the then East Pakistan emerged as a sovereign and independent state of Bangladesh in 1971 after nine month - long war of Liberation (starting on 26 March 1971) in which 3 million people courted martyrdom.
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